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Vocational Nursing School Instructor, Part-time, Clinical

Posted: 12/4/2017


 (This list is a succinct summary of core duties only. Other tasks will be assigned)


  1. Supervise students in a clinical setting with regard to medication administration, patient care and utilizing nursing skills.
  2. Evaluates the performance and ability of students and make patient assignments according to evaluation of student performance.
  3. Performs support functions, such as counseling with students and record of attendance.
  4. Performs student clinical evaluations at the end of each level.
  5. Perform orientation to clinical sites and develop clinical schedules.
  6. Maintains compliance with regulatory requirement, hospital policies and procedures, and guidelines.



  1. Must have and maintain a current RN to practice nursing in the state of Texas.
  2. Must have a current CPR certification.
  3. Must have been actively employed in the field of nursing for the previous three years.
  4. Some teaching experience is preferred.